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Did NO ONE in the OUAT Tumblr fandom go????

DragonCon was this past weekend in Atlanta.  MANY OUAT actors were there:

Robbie Kay

Bex Mader

Giancarlo Esposito

Lee Arenberg

Beverly Elliott

Sean Maguire

There was supposedly a OUAT panel. 

Where are the spoiler discussions from this????????

Where are the BTS discussions from this???????



Sean said Robin would go to the Playboy Mansion. 

Otherwise they couldn’t say much. There’s Giancarlo who emphasizes on the fact that the Magic Mirror have magic and he said “clue clue clue”. We know that Sidney is back and Giancarlo had filmed only a day but does that mean we see the magic mirror again? 


don’t you think it’s kind of funny that we have these characters with magical powers that go on incredible adventures and do amazing things and that’s really impressive but after a while we’re like “okay so what if they just owned a coffee shop. imagine them filing their taxes”

Frozen is coming.

Elsa’s photo is from here

Frozen is coming.

Elsa’s photo is from here

Stana Katic ~ Castle Season 6 Bloopers


RIP to all who watch this video, Stana is a godess. 

4x23 Always [completed scene]





Pretty much the fandom right now

I’m alive and well!