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I think these “ship wars” are getting a little out of hand.

Here’s what we all need to remember. We are all DIFFERENT. We all view the world DIFFERENTLY! That includes the way we see relationships and love.

Just because YOU don’t ship something or don’t like a pairing doesn’t mean YOU have the…

____-_I’m crying
every person in the hunger games fandom right now (via anseloelgort)

I never wanted any of this. 

This year ABC seems not to be really interested in making promo shoots but I hope they will do them for OUAT. After all the two posters despite being original are really cool like they tried to improve. They may be more involved this year. Well I hope at least.



(Sirius Black at 2am in the Gryffindor dormitory)

That description.


Watch out kids…she’s got wheels.

The world’s a better place ‘cause you came in time,
You took away the rain and brought the sunshine,
I was afraid ‘cause I was hurt the last time

I always knew there was a little  p i r a t e  in you, Swan.